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Our History

Faculdade Fama was founded in 2005 in Vilhena, state of Rondônia, in the beginning of the Brazilian Amazon. Dr. Rosângela Cipriano, a retired judge, had a dream: to found an institution focused on agriculture with sustainable development and other courses accessible to people to all the social classes.

Dr. Rosângela Cipriano has always had a passion for the Amazon and also for the preservation of the environment. It was with great love and dedication to the people of northern Brazil that the Faculdade da Amazônia was created.

Celebrities and journalists hardly know the problems of the largest area of ​​tropical forest on the planet.
The challenge is huge. How to reconcile agriculture and sustainable development simultaneously? 51 percent of the Brazilian territory has a climate typical of equatorial forests. In this huge region, just over ten percent of the population of Brazil live, that is, around twenty million inhabitants

The region has nine countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana) with five national languages. Many think that the Amazon is a utopia in which there are more Indians than descendants of foreign colonizers. The region of large forests in South America is a reality with millions of people who were born in cities surrounded by wonderful forests and enchanting landscapes.

The challenge of Faculdade da Amazônia is to bring opportunities to the Amazonian people causing the least negative impact on nature. The South American forest areas will serve as a great ecological improvement laboratory in the future. In the future, all countries will be obliged to practice reforestation. Few people know the rigor of environmental laws. In Brazil the legislation is very advanced, but there is a lot of impunity on the part of the government. All agricultural areas must have a large percentage of forest reserves. Surveillance technology will make it possible for virtually everyone on Earth to be able to monitor green areas around the world.

In this environment of enormous challenges there is an institution making it possible and impossible to put sustainable development into practice: FAMA – Faculdade da Amazônia.


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